Success comes in all shapes and sizes

The truth about Success. I swear it feels like we'll never get there...but it's getting better.

In 10 days, we will be releasing our promo video. I thought, “What a better way to count down these days by inspirational quotes/photos that relate to my documentary?” I came across this photo via Pinterest and I thought it was perfect to be the first quote for this countdown. This couldn’t be more accurate. 

All of you ladies and gentlemen out there who are considering this career, please do not take this photo lightly. I am probably on that second loop that you see up there; just coming off of the backwards loop, dipping down and getting ready to hike back up the even BIGGER loop. This isn’t to discourage anyone by ANY means. I think this photo is probably accurate for nearly every creative job there is out there. Someone actually told me a few years ago that freelancing as a hair/makeup artist is by far the hardest career to sustain and only 3% actually stay freelance. That’s pretty crazy. 

If there were a poster for this film…This would be it! It’s only missing one thing. Me on the left side, all happy and joyful. And then me on the right in real-life…Crying because I can’t pay my bills…

The next time you see a major hair/makeup artist in TV, a movie, or in a big magazine…Remember this photo. Every artist has their own personalized roller-coaster. 

10 down, 9 to go! 

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