And then there was 10

10 MORE DAYS!!!!!

Woohoo!!! Only 10 more days until our Indie Go Go campaign ends for What It Takes!

If you haven’t already, check out our campaign on indiegogo. Click on the link below!!

What It Takes 

We are so excited to start filming! We need some funds to get us on our feet though, so if you think this is a cool film you would love to be involved in helping start our journey behind the scenes, click on the link and donate! 

Can’t donate?

We understand if your wallet is a little tight. But if you want to help and don’t have any money to donate, NO PROBLEM!!! On Indie gogo, we get “brownie points,” so to speak, when we have a certain amount of traffic running to our page and then we get to be featured on one of the main pages. 

!!! *** You can also SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!! Sharing is caring, my friends. Caring a lot! Tell your friends and family, show them the page and keep the word out that this is a fun, upcoming documentary in the making! *** !!!

What have I been up to, might you ask?

It has been a while since I have made any updates on this blog. I was in the midst of gathering all of the info for promoting and marketing this film, then my mother came to visit in LA and time got the best of me. For those of you who do not know me personally, I also took a road trip from LA to Chicago last week. 2/3 of the way completely by myself! The last third of it was with my dear friend, Andy. We used Air BnB for our overnight stay, which was a very interesting yet fun adventure! And then the ENTIRE way home, it was pouring down rain. I was pretty bummed.

Now I am getting ready for a 15 day shoot feature film in Chicago. So, luckily, I have been keepin busy! But on the flip side, not as much time to keep up with the fun blogs. 

I can’t wait for the next couple of weeks to come because we will have more promo videos for all to see!!!! Stay tuned!!!

ONLY 10 MORE DAYS!!!!!! Click away!!! Share away!!! Donate away…what ever you please!

Click              Share!           Donate!


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