Oh the places you will go

So we are already half way there until we put up the promo video. I’m STOKED, aren’t you?!

The photo I have posted below was taken earlier today on set for a commercial I am working on. One of the best parts about being in this industry is that it can take you to some of the coolest places in the world! Now- I am definitely not to the point where I am being flown around the globe to do a fashion shoot or major film, but I can atleast say I am working my way there. And that to me is already rewarding enough. I have been to some pretty cool places already! 

(picture no longer available)

This was taken in Palm Springs, CA. It’s a beautiful city. EXTREMELY hot, but very scenic and beautiful. These dinos were super cool, and there was even a gift shop inside of the long-neck! Pretty neat. 

Traveling is definitely a bonus in this career, however, it sometimes takes you away from your home/friends/family for MONTHS at a time. Be sure you are comfortable with leaving loved ones for anywhere between one month to nine months (sometimes even more!) at a time. If you’re in a relationship, my best piece of advice for ANYONE is to make sure that your significant other understands that this is what you want to do, and this is what may or may not happen. “This” meaning being away for long periods of time. If you get home sick easily, staying local and doing more commercials or photo shoots may be the better option. But if you dream of doing major films, musical tours, press tours, or being a personal celebrity artist, then just be aware that it is very likely you will eventually be away for a good portion of time through out each year.

I can’t wait to see where my career takes me, and I can’t wait to bring everyone along for the ride! Anyone who thinks what we do is cool, I can’t wait for you to see the process of it all. It’s fascinating, creative, exciting, scary, hard, and most of all: fun!

As we lead into the last 5 days of the countdown, I will be introducing to you our featured artists for the film. Keep a look out and enjoy!


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