The world works in the most mysterious ways! In my last blog, I mentioned how I had a period of time where nothing was going on, I felt like I was in a huge hole of … I don’t even know what. What I DO know is that it sucked. I also mentioned that out of nooo where, all these job offers hit me all at once, it was crazy! Well… One of these job offers was one that I can’t even begin to believe is happening. Before I spill the beans… Let me tell you a backstory:

Back in 2005, I was in the marching band ( if any of you were wondering, I played snare on the drumline. I actually played drums for 12 years! I miss it every day). our band took a trip up to Chicago to see the play, “Wicked.” This play was LIFE CHANGING. I’ve seen it I think three times now. I remember sitting in the crowd, watching it, and at one point crying. Let me tell you– I am not one to cry. Especialllllly in public places.

I remember like it was yesterday. It was the song that plays right before the half way point of the show. At this point of my life, I knew I wanted to do something creative. It was either with hair or with music. And at that moment when I was watching this… I told myself, “If I could ever become an awesome makeup artist… THIS is what I would want to work on.” And for some reason, that thought made me cry. Now here’s the fun news:

Amongst the other few job offers I received, one was from the MAKEUP DEPARTMENT HEAD OF WICKED!!! Ugh i get chills every time I think about it! Now, it wasn’t to work on the show, BUT it is for an event happening next week that involves wigs. Am I doing makeip for Wicked.. No. But I am working with the woman herself who does, and I can’t explain how mind blowing this is to me, or the excitement pumping through my veins. Ahhh! If I ever… EVER had the chance to be on her makeup team, I kid you not. I would cry literally everyyyy day doing everyone’s makeup. For. Real.

So the point of this blog is to add on to what I said in my last blog. Never under estimate time. Sometimes you have to feel like you’ve hit a breaking point before you see the results or goals you want to achieve. I was so close to being like.. Alright! I get it!! I need to get a retail job for 40 hours a week now. Well, had I done that I would have had to turn down all of these gigs coming up along with this absolutely Amazing opportunty!!!

There is a reason why people say Patience is a Virtue. Be patient and know that there is something great in your path that is going to come!!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!


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