True Inspiration

Today, I want to talk about inspiration. What inspires you? What inspires me are other individual’s success stories, encouragement from my peers, and setting goals for myself. Last Friday, I met a very, very inspirational guy on set for a client of mine, Quest Nutrition.

Quest is doing a weekly webshow called Inside Quest, “IQ.” In a nutshell, Quest Co-founder Tom Bilyeu interviews one guest each week who has an outstanding success story. A little background on Quest- they have only been up and running for 4 years and are now a multi-million dollar company! They started out with protein bars (quest bars) and now have protein chips and protein powder. Their growth is incredibly impressive to say the least, and I have had the pleasure of working with their company for almost two years now

Going back to what Quest is doing for their web series IQ… Each week, they bring a guest on and Tom interviews them about their journey of success. Up to this day, we have only filmed two episodes, but both of these left me feeling so inspired! Last week’s episode featured John Glaude who lost 170 in about three years! It’s incredible!!! Look at his progress! You may have seen him on Ellen with his transformation, or on his youtube video that has almost 8 million views!

I mean what an outstanding accomplishment. What I love most is that during his interview he spoke ALOT about exactly what he states here on his instagram: set a goal, figure out what it takes to get there, believe in yourself, push yourself to the max and GO for it!! Whether this goal is becoming a makeup artist, losing weight, moving to a different state, becoming one of the higher ups at a company you work for.. Anything! This applies to anyone and everyone. 

I want to share an experience with all of you because I think a lot of you can relate and I’m not afraid to call myself out or share my journey- both ups and downs. My documentary will be exposing it all so you will find out these things regardless of me blogging about it now or seeing it later haha 

The past two weeks have been TOUGH. And I mean the toughest months I have experienced in my career thus far. Starting early December, I started not getting much work. I thought, eh it’s the holidays, I’m sure it will pick up soon! Well that turned into January…. Mid January…. End of January… February… You get the picture. This brought me to being behind on not one, but TWO months of rent, two months of car payment and threeee months on my car insurance. It was a disaster. I felt helpless, stressed, and completely overwhelmed. 

Even though it was tough… Really tough.. I tried my best to not think about it, not let it get to me. Don’t get me wrong- there were a few jobs. But those few jobs literally only gave me money to eat! All while I am trying to create this film- I was a mess. Crying all the time, being cranky… 

After I heard some of these inspiring words from John’s interview- I thought to myself, “My gosh, what’s my problem! I’m doing what I love! I knew going into this industry that there would be days… Well months… Like these. Cheer up and start pushing myself even HARDER.” So I did. I emailed previous clients asking if they needed a Mua, sent my resume to a few places, and then started really kickin butt at organizing this documentary. I called these companies about my late payments that I had been avoiding for months, and it felt so awesome to just do all of that. I felt so accomplished. And guess what happened….

In one day. ONE day.. I got 4 calls for work. It was the best feeling haha and the previous week before that, I was hired to be a freelance artist for a cosmetic company called It Cosmetics. I can’t even explain the relief I had. 

By sharing this story, I want to show that even though I post about all of my fun experiences and successes, I still have bad days, months, etc. We all do. But we can’t let these days get to us! Remember why you’re reaching for your goals and dreams. Never let that get away from you in hard times like these. If you’re having a bad day, week, month, just know that when you believe in what you’re doing, and you are persistent, it will ALWAYS pay off and you will see results when you least expect it. 

I know this blog ended up being very long, so if you’re still reading, thank you for taking time out of your day to read what I have to say! Check out John Glaude too if you have time. It’s so motivational and inspiring to read. Even though his story is based on fitness, it still translates to the hair/makeup industry in a way that shows if you take the time, dedication, and passion, your dreams can come true! 

Cheers to you all and have a great week!


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