New Movie Poster and Updates!

I am so thrilled about our brand new movie poster! If you don’t follow us already on our Instagram (@whatit_takesfilm), or our Facebook page, click on both of the links and start following us!

Those of you who already follow us, have most likely already seen our brand new poster! I am seriously so excited about this. It has been in the works for almost 4 weeks now. What do you think!?


This amazing photo was taken by Willyum Baulkey, designed by yours truly. I can’t even count how many months this has been in the works, and damn it feels good to finally have it up and ready for public viewing. Whoo hoo!!

Other updates:

We have about 25-30% more filming to do. We have had a lot of setbacks due to lack of funds, therefore we are in the works of putting together a crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo, so keep your eyes out. As a first time director/producer, you can imagine how overwhelming all of this is ha! But it’s been a blast to say the least. I’ve learned so much this past 9 months than I could EVER everrrrrr imagine. It’s been awesome!

With all of that being said, what we are currently working on is starting our editing process. There were some questions on our social media pages about when/where this will be screened, so I wanted to make sure I address these questions. As of now, our distribution plan is being strongly considered, but our first priority is getting the rest of our film shot and edited. Once we create our brand new trailer, then we will start setting dates. Our goal is to have a screening tour around September/October. It all depends on how well we do with our campaign (so keep an eye out to help support our film!! :D)

Our next big step is getting our trailer together! And oooooooo am I EXCITED for that one. This is going to be one badass, cool F’ing trailer.

Cheers to the making a film!!!!

xo, Amber

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