Have you ever had a bad day? Everyone has. If you’re in the freelance world, have you ever had a bad week? Many of us have. Some days turn into weeks, Some weeks even turn into months. I’m in the middle of (currently) having a bad week. Everything from last minute cancellations, to tiffs with my sister or boyfriend, and even with creating this documentary.

I never would have imagined… in a hundred years…that I would be creating a film. It’s still so bizarre to me and I always feel awkward saying, “I’m directing and producing a documentary.” Originally when I had the idea of this documentary, I contacted my friend and asked if he wanted to direct it for me. He eagerly said yes, and we started filming things here and there. One of the days he looked at me said, “you realize that you’re the director, right? I’m just the one shooting what you want me to.” It still didn’t settle with me, but I thought…yeah I guess he’s right.

So I took on the title of “Director.” As the project went on, I never thought it would turn into anything serious. Of course I wanted the best turn out, but it was never something I thought would have screenings, an audience, or anyone THAT interested in being a part of it. It was just something fun I wanted to do to bring awareness to this industry.

Needless to say, the support I got from major artists was overwhelming. It was a huge snowball effect. The only thing missing was the monetary aspect of film making…and you can’t do TOO much without the money in place…. but some how I made it work.

There is a struggle in nearly all aspects of freelance. But if you have the determination to do it, I know that you CAN. If you want to be a makeup artist… DO it. If you want to be a director….DO it. Believe in yourself and push yourself to figure out how to reach your ultimate goal. As the saying goes…. If I can do it, anyone can!


❤ Amber

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