How exciting is it that we have a new and improved website?! I am super stoked about it and hope you all enjoy the new look. It has taken quite a bit of time to start, create and finalize this new website. Please let us know what you think! As time goes on, we will be adding a bunch of new additions to make it even more exciting, and we will make sure to keep you posted on that.

UPDATES: we are still in the process of filming. We have come across some bumps that are causing our shooting to be put on hold, hence why we have not been posting any info or fun photos of us on sets shooting. But with your support, we will get there! Luckily this gave us time to focus on getting our site up and running!

One thing that is in the works is our new TRAILER! YAYYYYYY. The date is still being discussed, but once the date is finalized, I will surely post about it. Because…this trailer is something I have been looking forward to for WEEKS now. Woohoo!!!!

Other updates are we have joined Twitter, follow us on @whatit-takes! We are also in the process of putting together another Indie Go Go campaign, so make sure you look for our updates on when we will be releasing our new campaign!

Thanks for all of your support! Until next time 😀